The North American Sportshow is here!

Questions and Answers

Q. What is the North American virtual Sportshow?

A. It is an online fishing, hunting and shooting outdoor sports show. It is not a website.

Q. Why a virtual online Sportshow?

A. It is online to make it easy for you to attend a sports show. Attend from the comfort of home, at the office or on the go. You will experience everything you would at a physical sports show, but now, it is all right at your fingertips. The money you save on travel, food and hotel can now be spent on tackle, gear and equipment.

Q. When will the Sportshow take place?

A. The show runs 90 days, January 16th-April 16th 24/7 to fit any schedule.

Q. What will I see at the virtual Sportshow?

A. The show includes everything you like about a sportshow. You’ll find Hunting, Fishing, and Shooting brand exhibitors, along with Outdoor destination. See dozens of seminars by well-known Fishing and Hunting Pros in the Auditorium. Exclusive SHOT Show interviews and demonstrations from this year’s show will be in our Auditorium, so you can see the absolute latest products that are being launched in 2015. Catch interesting Pro Angler interviews the week before the Classic. Not to mention all of the prizes, giveaways, and special prices just for our attendees on tackle, gear, and equipment.

Q. How do I visit the Show Website?

A. The Show is not a website. It is a virtual event you log in and attend with a unique password. Like traditional sports shows, the virtual Sportshow, shares current information from brands and exhibitors. All exhibitor and show information is current and relevant for 2015. There is no “old” outdated content in the show.

Q. Is there a charge or fee to attend the virtual Sportshow event?

A. No, if you take advantage of the Free Open Attendance period. The 2015 Exhibit Hall Sponsors along with Show Sponsors have provided you a no charge attendance from Jan. 16, 2015 to Feb. 28. After Feb. 28, there is a sign up fee of $5 to receive your log in password. Be sure and visit the Exhibit Hall Sponsors booths.


New for 2015

Dates Jan. 16 2015 thru April 16, 2015

Hours Show is open 24/7 Log in and visit when you want, come back as often as you want.

The North American Sportshow is a virtual event all Outdoors Sportshow. It is a virtual show not a website. The Show is on line and all about the things we like to do outdoors. You can attend the show whey you want; it is open 24/7 for 90 days.

You tour the show by logging in with a unique password. You get your password by registering with the show.

The Show does not share your registration information with any business, party or person.

The Show does not send Ads to your in box.

You can sign up for the Show bi monthly “Hot Buys” email which sends hot buy offers on gear and tackle as a thank your attending the show.

You may opt out of our “HOT BUY” notices at any time.

What the Show does

  • Brings you the great brands from Fishing, Shooting, Hunting, Archery and outdoor sports.
  • Has Seminars from fishing, hunting and shooting pros.
  • Provides a Sportshow experience for people who enjoy attending a Sportshow online.
  • Offers Deals, Deals, and more Deals on Fishing Tackle, Gear, Outdoor Equipment, Clothing and more.
  • Each week during the 12 weeks of the show we post new Red Hot Sport Show Special Deals.

What visitors are saying

"Holy Cow!! Lots of information. It is like going to a Sports Show at my desk."
– Tony in Missouri

"I registered, the show loaded seamlessly. I spent an hour in the show,
had to leave and thought I can’t wait to get back to it again."
– Don in Minnesota

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